October 2nd, 2019 in Arbesbach

Washington and Virginia Otis have quite different expectations when they come to stay at Canterville Hall, an old building their mother has bought from Lord Canterville, an aristocrat who lost his family’s fortune and can no longer afford to run the house. Washington is always playing violent video games and watching horror films – anything else, he thinks, is boring. Virginia, on the other hand, likes the countryside and appreciates history. Both meet Sir Simon, the resident ghost. A very jealous man, he killed his wife who, as she lay dying, cast a spell on him. So now his soul is trapped in the old building and he is haunting Canterville Hall. Mrs Otis, an American no -nonsense business woman who wants to knock down the old house and build a modern housing estate, cannot see or hear the ghost. And yet it is through her that Virginia discovers the secret of the Canterville riddle – she finds the key to the locked room, the spell on Sir Simon is lifted, Lord Canterville discovers the family jewels and can buy back his family home from Mrs Otis.

English theatre schooltours

The director of the play (Sean Aita) adapted the classic short story of „The Canterville Ghost“ by Oscar Wilde and proved that it still very popular. The play was a big success with our students, also due to the brilliant performance of the four British actors of schooltours
(CAST A –  http://www.schooltours.at/tour-201920/red-tour/red-tour-cast-a/) by the Vienna‘s English Theatre.